Talking and Superpowers

I think talking is extremely overrated. Not that I don’t like to talk, I love to talk when I have something relevant to say about a topic, or an opinion/ idea to express, etcetera. But throughout school and my work life I’ve realised that there a lot of people who love to talk even though what they may be saying is utterly useless or a waste of time of anyone who might be listening. There are times when I have had those who love the sound of their own voice so much, carry on about something that adds no value (or sometimes reduces the value) to my life. You know what the sad thing is? These idiots tend to do better in work or school than the quiet workhorses behind the scenes, cause they get noticed. I remember when I did my diploma, I had this strict lecturer. She gave out very few A’s. There were only 3 A’s at the end of the semester for her course. While 2 of us I know for a fact, worked days and nights to get it, the third person to get it was someone who only cared if he passed or failed courses and did assignments the night before or sometimes even on the morning of the day they were due. He got an A  because he could speak the same language (literally not figuratively) as the lecturer. In the working world this effect seems to be amplified. Frustrating isn’t it? At one of my work places, I had a colleague that not only talked rubbish all the time, I found the sound of her voice extremely annoying (I know it’s unfair she can’t control how her voice sounds, but in my defense she had total control over how often everyone around her hears it). Every time she opened her mouth, I prayed that the ceiling would fall on my head, or hers or just somewhere visible so it created a distraction for me and anyone else around to escape.

A friend of mine when stuck in a meeting with one such self-obsessed person was talking to no end, said she (the friend) wished she had a mute button. That got me thinking, wouldn’t it be great if we had that remote from the Adam Sandler film in Click in real life? And suddenly one of the big questions of life was answered for me. If someone asked me, what’s one superpower you wanted to have, I wanted that remote. I used to not be able to decide between invisibility, teleportation or whatever is was that wolverine had (with blades and stuff). But now, I know, it’s that remote. I suppose it more of a supergadget than superpower, but maybe I could get the functions of remote as a superpower?  But then again, would that be more that one superpower? Oh the joys of life – just when you think you get an answer, you get more questions instead.


2 thoughts on “Talking and Superpowers

  1. Haha yeah I used to be the type who didn’t speak either but then I noticed this so I’ve been improving. Because if this is how it works, might as well play the game. I can’t say I’m anywhere near like those people you’ve described but I’m not AS shy as before.

  2. I’m pretty sure we all wish we had that remote when annoying people start to talk our ears off. If only it were real. It seems that it would also help immensely in the situations were the talkers seem to have it so much easier. We seriously need to start working on a patent for this remote lol I have moments where I am the talkative one but like you, that’s only when I have something to say; I’m usually the quiet type. I think we all learn pretty early how to work with our environment, but at the end of the day, I’m shy and I like quiet.

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