Tip of the Day – The Nomad Chef

Here’s my tip of the day. When suffering from a stomach bug, don’t watch The Nomad Chef. I turned on the TV and it was on that show. They were cooking a possum. A cute little possum. We have established that possums are my friend. Took the nausea up about 10 notches.

I need this virus to run it’s course and get out of my system like now. I miss food.

Happy Birthday?

Guess what I got for my birthday? A stomach bug. Story of my life. Spent my night at the doctor’s.

I turned to the parents for some love and attention, didn’t work. My dad is a walk it off kind of man. Even if my arm got dismembered he’ll tell me I need to suck it up and walk it off. Thank God for mum, she seems to care how I feel.

Wonder what’s going to happen if I am alone. I think the following comic which most of you would have seen applies to me very well today.


The night before

I have blogged about birthdays before. I get on this high happy mood that I always wish lasted longer. Here I am the night before the day where your Facebook activity spikes. Nothing. I just feel pretty meh about it. Maybe at 29 it dies down, I don’t know. Or maybe when I wake up tomorrow the birthday high will kick in.

Getting the sudden surge of wall posts on Facebook is kind of weird too, cause most of those people are those who I don’t know too well. And because I am socially awkward, I never know what to say. Oh well at least I have the usual suspects who will call/text me. Maybe it’s a little old school but it’s still nice to get a call and have that few minute catch up as opposed to a Facebook post.

Anyway I am going to call it a night. See you all when I am 29.

The way to a woman’s heart…

I heard this phrase today, “the way to a woman’s heart is by baking your way into it”. Well I can’t speak for all women but that would definitely work for me :D.  Okay lets face it, I’ll be 29 in a few days and at this point I am pretty open with my options, I’ll be happy with anyone. But a guy who shows up with cake (he baked) will always score an extra few points. And if he stops at cafe on the way to pick up freshly brewed coffee, wow. Imagine that, a guy showing up with cake and coffee. Don’t judge me, we all have dreams :D.

Keeping with the theme of this post, here’s a post on the pains of the single life.

Bitch please

My team has a couple of newbies. One of them is supposed to be my back-up and vice versa, so her training is under my care. Here’s the thing though, she doesn’t ask a lot of questions (unless it’s about office gossip). She likes to take initiative and do things her way. Which is fine, if you ensure that the job gets done correctly. But she loves to take short cuts. I have warned her against it many times. She doesn’t seem to care.

And she loves to send me emails. Like just to ask me simple things. I totally don’t understand that. I sit opposite her. She doesn’t even have to move her ass, all she has to do is move her head to the left a little and she can talk to me face to face. Why send me emails? I have told her multiple times, I get a lot of emails (I get about 120-150 overnight everyday), so if something is urgent, just talk to me. Fastest way to get things done. Today, urgent issue cropped up, she needed to know how to proceed, she sent me an email. If that wasn’t annoying enough, she marked it as “high importance” as you can do in MS outlook. I hate people who use that function liberally. I only use it when I absolutely have to.

To top it all off, she made a mistake today. It was a mistake she had made before, and this time, it led to a big issue. I had to clean up her mess. And then, she had the bloody nerve, to come to me and tell me, what I needed to improve so that the mistake doesn’t happen again. Helllllll no. Just no. Bitch want to play? I got game. Just because I am quiet and easy going, doesn’t mean I am a push over. I responded by asking why she didn’t follow the set process. If she had, her mistake would have been prevented in the first place. And she couldn’t answer me. If you make a mistake, just acknowledge that you made a mistake. Don’t try and push blame. Especially to the person who just saved your fucking ass.

Strangely, I was calm throughout the whole thing. The thing about me, if I am angry and worked up, adrenaline pumping, heart rate up, that’s normal. If I am furious, but heart rate normal, brain rational, you better be prepared for some serious shit coming your way. It was at this moment that I glanced down at my phone. For some reason, last night, after years of having the same lock-screen (pink tulips), last night I changed it to the image below that I found randomly going through my phone gallery. And lucky for the newbie, it reminded me that I need to remain positive and let the negative emotions go. Simple thing, but sometimes I need a reminder.

Okay, rant over.

All you need is love, or is it?

My mind has been a muddled madness today. Well it always is but today more so than usual. Might have something to do with the caffeine from 2 cups of coffee and 1 cup of tea. I had so many thoughts going through my head at once. From the meaning of life, to how pretty pink peonies, my brain had it all covered. And one of the things that my mind examined was that old adage that love conquers all.

It’s not true is it? I mean lets face it, we have all been situations where we loved fiercely, I am not  talking solely the romantic kind here, and still felt like we lost. Like unrequited love. Or maybe that’s just me. No grey area, whether it be people or passions of mine, either I love it or I don’t care. But sometimes love is just not enough.

I know I need to work harder on this thing called life. And I am. It’s a huge work in progress, but I’ll be okay. Grateful for my first world problems. I have lot to be thankful for.

The Matrix

I have 2 bosses. I think people who have studied management would have heard of a matrix hierarchy/organisational structure. When I studied it I thought what a dumb structure. Now that I am actually working in it, I stand by that. It’s dumb. Anyway my 2 bosses are Jack, who’s from the programme/operations team. Work wise he’s my boss, we handle the same customers/situations, and I need to work closely with him. But I actually report to Des, who is the manager of the key account department. This came into effect this year around March/April. It’s a mess.

Jack is new, he replaced my previous boss, the one that recruited me. I love her. Jack’s a nice guy, but me and him are on different wavelengths in the way we think. It causes issues. Yesterday I spent 40 mins talking in circles with him, because he asked me to send an email and I refused because I didn’t think that’s the way to handle the customer. I wasn’t going to send out that email with my name there. I am getting demoralised, because I am having a tough time adapting to his style. He asks some really strange questions sometimes. I think people in the office can sense my morale dropping.

The other boss Des stopped by to have a chat. I think I freaked him out. He told me I was very quiet. I had to stop myself from asking him if he wanted a medal for that observation. He said he’s never managed someone so quiet and that it’s worrying him. I told him to relax, that’s just me, but he wasn’t convinced. Then he asked me what motivates me. He was asking in terms of like declaring a week casual week, staff appreciation lunches, etc. I told him straight up I am not motivated by superficial things. I think he walked away from our conversation even more worried than when he came. Not my fault, he asked. :D

(Lost) Tourist Magnet

I am a lost tourist magnet. I think I have mentioned it before. Yesterday in a train (subway in american) station, this guy picked me out in the crowd (he was standing right next to train station staff), to help him and his wife get to a particular station. They didn’t speak a word of English. But I figured out they need help buying tickets and shown where to catch the train. So I went and bought tickets and told them how to get to the right platform. Hope they didn’t get lost. They looked Greek/Mediterranean, the whole time I just wanted to ask them about the economic situation in Greece and if they were from there. :p

I am going to take it as a good thing, that I look approachable and friendly. Too bad the cute guys I run into at train stations or trains never need help :D. I have to say when I help/interact with tourists I can’t help but feel pangs of nostalgia for the tourism industry. I would love to go back into it if I found the right opportunity. Let’s see what happens.

Perfect Proposal

I would be lying if I say I have never imagined scenarios of a proposal. But until I saw the picture below online I could have probably never answered the question of what a perfect/ideal marriage proposal would be like. Yes I know I am skipping the step of being in a relationship, but who cares?

Seriously, at the bottom of a coffee mug/cup? Perfect. Imagine it, enjoying a cup of coffee that makes you feel like this (preferably on a cool autumn day in a quiet cafe somewhere like Byron Bay, looking out into the ocean), and then finding that question at the end. What could be better? Just 1 good cup of coffee, who needs a ring? Well I like shiny things, so I would want a ring, but I can buy that myself. Get me a cuppa. Coffee, that’s the way to go. Always.

Singles’ world

As I will be entering the final leg of the tour of the 20s soon, I seem to be hearing more and more grumbling from the parents at my unmarried status. I have started to blatantly ignore it, even if they are talking directly at me. At these times I remember a friend’sister who was also single in her late 20s telling me, she eventually gave in and got into an arranged marriage, just to get everyone to shut up. I have to say, while at that time I told myself that would never happen to me, I kind of understand the feeling. Right now I feel like I’ll marry a tree, if that will get everyone off my case. I wonder how long more I have before I cave and marry a stranger. I do hope that never happens. As I have mentioned before I am prepared to wait till like 79, if that’s what it takes to meet the love of my life. Doesn’t matter if I die the next day.

This feeling wasn’t helped by one of my friends, this morning, talking about her 27 year old husband’s sister who was a worry/burden due to her unmarried status. What’s up with people judging people who are single? Can everyone just relax.

But that’s why it was great when I came across the following online article. Made me not feel like a complete loser for not having met the love of my life yet. It points out how most people meeting their partner these days boils down to dumb luck more than anything else. Which honestly makes me feel better. Snippet of the article below and link to full article here. Do let me know your thoughts.

The rule should be “whatever you do, don’t marry the wrong person,” but society frowns much more upon a 37-year-old single person than it does an unhappily married 37-year-old with two children. It makes no sense—the former is one step away from a happy marriage, while the latter must either settle for permanent unhappiness or endure a messy divorce just to catch up to where the single person is.