Surprise love

Have you ever been in a position where you love someone so much that you don’t think you can love them anymore and they could not be more perfect for you. And then they spring something on you and you realise you had all this additional love to give? You spend so much time wondering how you got so lucky. Well that’s exactly how I felt about this.

Okay to be honest, it wasn’t flawless but I definitely had a great relationship with Netflix. It was just us against the world. Still is, but now it can be in an offline world. The things you can get for $11.09 a month.

Not today

Today wasn’t a good day. Mainly attributed to work, I have a mountain load to get through and everyone is rushing me for things. I hate being rushed. And to top it off people at work kept asking me “why do you look so stressed?”. Like hello idiots, did it occur to you guys it might be because I am actually stressed? Seriously.

To top it all off, Hamish & Andy, the radio duo whose podcasts I religiously follow have just announced that they are quitting radio. Dumb thing to get upset about I know. But they have gotten my through so many mornings/commutes to work. Helped lift the Monday blues. Kept me distracted during walks/jogs/hikes. Their podcasts are something I genuinely look forward to. I shouldn’t be too sad yet, but it’s a sucky feeling.

Dear Americans

With all that’s going on, with your next president and all, I just wanted to say the following image I saw online is pretty much how the outside world sees you. Especially if you’re one of the ones that voted for you new president.

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Gilmore Girls Revival i.e. Emotional Ride

Anyone else watched the Gilmore Girls Revival episodes? Anyone want to discuss them? I was hooked on to that show as a teenager. It was easy to get caught up with the themes probably because I was around Rory’s age. Hence when the revival episodes were released this Friday, I know I had to watch them within 24 hours. By the way, if you haven’t watched it, there are going to be spoilers.

It was exciting 4 episodes, some parts a bit slow though. Well 1 part, the musical bit, too bloody long. There were the sad parts, the funeral, the exciting parts like Logan showing up. I was Team Logan all the way. I wouldn’t mind a Logan Huntzberger myself. Yes I know, I am no Rory Gilmore. I was upset when they parted before the series finale (the old one). For a year in the life, the dynamics of their relationship is kind of sad but I am quite happy with how things ended. I like that they ended it with Rory not paired up. Though that last few words, how everything ended, I don’t know how to feel about it. On one hand, pretty good way to end things, on the other, I am like “how could they end it like that?”. So emotionally confused.

But boy did I cry a lot watching the 4 episodes. I was like a psycho, 1 minute I am laughing, next I feel all warm and fuzzy inside and then I am bawling my eyes out. They dealt with themes that I suppose were pretty close to home. Feeling stuck in a rut, abandoned, dealing with change. But then again the 2 main characters are heiresses, so can’t really feel too sorry for them.

Blogging Mojo

Seem to have lost my blogging mojo. I read my old posts, some of them used to have dashes dry wit with sprinklings of crazy that made for fairly interesting readings.

Now a days it’s just complaining. Is that what happens in your 30s? No more adventure and awe? Just a big slap of reality.

I have written about being the last single person left and making friends with a possum, but even if I go back one year, I can’t find anything I wrote in a similar tone. Maybe I have lost my sense of humour. It’s this country I tell you, and the lifestyle here. It’s sucked my sense of amusement and motivation out of me.

The thing I look most forward to these days is sleep. Every morning when I wake up I do a quick calculation as to how many hours there are before I am in bed again. Is that sad?

P.S. I am still the last single person left and I am out of touch with thank possum, in case anyone was wondering.

Dating dynamics 

So apparently these women find love. Like I don’t even find that funny. I just don’t get it. When it comes to dating/relationships, being chronically single, I am really missing the point. It’s like everyone else knows something I don’t. Maybe one day I’ll be enlightened. Not holding my breath though 

Story of my life 

Mondays are always a bit tough, well cause Monday. This morning though, I was a little more chipper than usual. Today tickets for Coldplay went on sale. Coldplay 😱 they’re having a concert in Singapore. I have been talking about it since it was announced last week (Monday I think). So excited, that everyone at work knew I was going to get tickets. The tickets went on sale 10am this morning. So I was on the website at about 8am. I knew demand would be high. Figured I may not get tickets in the category or section I want. But guess what? The website crashed. I kept trying all avenues for about 90mins before I saw a tweet from the venue that it was sold out.

Now you may think what’s the big deal, just a concert. But when your lonely existence of a life is basically work and home, you tend to look forward to things way more than you should. This was 1 such thing. I seriously felt crushed when I saw that message that tickets were sold out. I could have cried. 15 thousand tickets and I couldn’t get 1. Maybe I am just going crazy I don’t know.

So yeah, my week’s off to a wonderful start.

Vibe tonight

That’s what I am telling myself on this night where sleep eludes me. All the troubles, mostly due to overthinking eating me up inside.

Don’t engage with stupid 

Good advice given to me by a friend a long time ago, yet I ignored it. I just feel the need to explain my case and to understand other’s perspectives, but sometimes when you speak to those that are horribly disillusioned and close-minded, it just adds to your stress levels. You won’t understand or get through to them cause their world is really small, centred around themselves. They hide behind a misguided sense of morality (usually religious convictions) and use that to feel a sense of superiority when really they are just as (sometimes more) lost as the rest of us.

My issue stems from the assumption that everyone is open-minded and kind. For me I give the older generation a free pass when they are not as accepting, but people around my age, I tend to assume they are open-minded and happy to listen to (and respect) other’s views. That’s my problem. You live and you learn I guess. 

Key take away to constantly remind myself – don’t engage with stupid, you just invite toxicity into your life.


I’m curious how the next 4 (possibly 8) years will play out.

Curious if all the sweeping statements/policies will be followed through. If they are how the American and global economies will cope and react with such protectionist stances. 

Curious if trade is really closed off, whether that in the long run leads to the US finally losing its position as “the” global superpower. Got to brush up my Mandarin.

Curious if most of the world leaders writing such positive congratulatory notes will maintain their cheery disposition. Love Angela Merkel, always have. Her note of “congratulations” is the best one I have read so far. 

I was curious so I went and read the exit polls on who voted and how they voted. Very interesting and kinda expected.

But you know what they say, curiosity killed the cat.