Obsession with white

It’s an Asian thing to see white as beautiful. The amount of whitening products/services in the market are appalling. I am often approached when walking in malls, out of train station to try by people trying to sell me whitening services. I usually tell them I am happy with my colour, to which I get shocked looks.

But even in the media, especially Indian media, it is obvious that the beauty equals fairness. You see, Indians come in a variety of colours for those of you who don’t know. But these days, all the actresses I seen in movies are all white (not racially, I mean in terms of skin colour). Well almost white. That seems to be the only criteria these days to get into Tamil movies. You don’t even have to speak the language. Isn’t that crazy?  The disclaimer here I have to add is that most of my observations are about the Tamil media industry, not so much Bollywood. Though I have to say I don’t see too many actresses in Bollywood either that look like an average Indian.

For male actors though its okay. They can come in various skin tones, they can play the lead roles for in movies well into their 60s but it’s different for women. You have to be so white, be an expert in acting like a damsel in distress and be able to do choreographed dances.  And sadly I don’t see this changing any time soon.

Biological clock

The ticking seems to be getting louder. Babies seem to be getting cuter. It’s not like I want one now but I wish I had the option to have one (or two) in the future. Unfortunately I am no where close to the vicinity. I can’t even think of anyone that I might possibly be close to marrying. Knowing my luck (with life in general), I will probably meet the man of my dreams when I am 65 of something. If at all, that is. Seems to me that I am more en-route to becoming crazy cat lady at this stage. So yeah basically life is moving along status quo, nothing has changed from my first post.

The following is a snippet of what I feel about people in relationships. Happy for them but….


And here’s what I am feeling this weekend:


Oh alcohol, how I love (and need) thee.

Dad 3

I think this is the 3rd post about my father. The first 2, can be found here and here respectively. I went for an apron tour today. No not a tour of a facility that showcases various protective garments for when you cook. It was a tour of an airport apron, for work. I work in logistics, so had to go view how shipments are unloaded and loaded, you get the picture. It was cool. Actually when I was on it I thought it was cool, now that the effects of waking up super early (3.20am) are setting in, I am weighing out if the sleep deprivation was worth it. I am just grumpy now, it was worth it. How many people get to be on the ground when a plane comes in/leaves or walk through the fuselage of a freight carrier?

Anyway, my dad asked me about the tour. He loves planes, he’s from the air force. So I told him and I told when I was standing I saw a fighter jets take off on the military runway, for training. I said it was about bunch of F15s, this is the conversation (or debate maybe) that followed:

Dad: Not F15s, F16s. How do you know they were F15s?

Me: Because they looked like F15s.

Dad: They couldn’t have been F15s. You must have seen the F16s.

Me: Doesn’t the Air Force have F15s?

Dad: Yes.

Me: You weren’t even there then how do you know what I saw weren’t F15s?

Dad: Can’t be F15s. Did the plane have 1 or 2 tails?

Me: They were F15s.

Dad: Did it have double stabilizers?

Me: I don’t know what those are, but they were F15s.

And he still didn’t believe me. I had to google a picture with a F16 & F15 side by side and explain to him how I know the difference. The wings are different, that’s how I can tell in case you were wondering like him. I mean, the number of air shows I have been to with him, and time I spent at air force museums /air bases growing up (not to mention listen to him going on and on about planes), you would think he would give me some credit that I know some of my planes.

The older they get the more stubborn they get don’t they? Plus he’s a Capricorn. Capricorns are the most stubborn of the signs aren’t they? I know a fair few Capricorns, I think that is true. Sorry cousin. You’re alright though. :p

Dating App

I need to get the app she mentions. Now that’s an accurate description of my love life.


I am pretty sure I used to have them. I wonder what happened. Well actually I know, life happened. Like last Friday night when I caught up with a couple of friends over dinner. The conversation quickly became about, babies, houses, in-laws, husbands, etc. And I sat there wondering if I should have stayed at home and spent the night catching up on my Criminal Minds episodes. At least I wouldn’t be contemplating if stabbing myself in the eye with a fork would be more entertaining.


Stupidity amuses me as I have mentioned before. Today’s comes from this dumb-ass. Remember that guy? Well so he actually got in touch again to meet up. Thankfully I am am busy tomorrow, Friday, when he wanted to meet. So I said Saturday, but he’s busy and he said we’ll figure out some time to catch up. Okay, that’s all well and good. The problem if, he’s telling me this over Facebook messaging. And I don’t have/refuse to download that app. I tried it out, hated it, and wish they had stuck to the old messaging system. I have told this guy 3 times now that I rarely get on Facebook, don’t message me there, text or WhatsApp message me. He said okay all times and has continued messaging me there. I now refuse to check my Facebook messages. Like how fucking dumb are you? Or are you that cheap that you are trying to save a dollars on messaging? He’s probably 10 times richer than me. Plus he saved all that money from getting a scholarship meant for financially struggling student. Send me a bloody text you cheap dumbo.

The problem though is that I have a bit of a OCD issue with notifications. I hate seeing the 1 there without being able to do anything about it. If I go view it to get rid of the notification, then he’ll see that I have read it which I don’t want. Stupid Facebook, sometimes I just want to delete the damn app. But then how would I get to stalk people online or get to read useless articles? :D

It’s killing me though, that big old 1 there



My future house, I had recent decided was going to have a media room. As in the TV will not be in the living room. Given I am going to die single and the marriage/family track doesn’t seem to be happening, I am thinking when I finally get an apartment (in Singapore too, because I am resigned to fate that I will be stuck in the damn place) it will be a 2 bedroom flat. 1 master and the other room will be my media/office. Basically all my gadgets will be in it, smart TV, laptop, etc. Then I thought I want a elliptical machine in my house, and has to face the TV. But there lies the flaw in my design. The room is probably too small, and I will probably want a TV in master bedroom too. I could put have 2 TVs and put the elliptical machine in the master. That would solve my space issues. Anyway, I have some time before I put the down payment on a house.

Sad though cause my dream house wasn’t exactly like this. Got to roll with the punches though. I just wished lofts were more common here. I just need a tiny one. Like this one I saw online, and I’d be happy:

Fat people problems

Yesterday after having a bad day at work, I decided to go for a jog to ease off the stress. I don’t know if it was the stress or what, I decided to push myself extra hard. And guess what? I ended up with a skin abrasion my thigh. It wasn’t like some simple chafing, I realised this morning, I had skin come off. I can’t even walk straight. And yes, I am classifying this a fat person problem. I doubt people with thigh gap would ever experience that.

I decide to push myself and it was God told me, hey fatty chill, don’t overdo it. Just sit home and stuff your face with cake. Why is my life a joke? Sighs. I need a break, from life. Like now.

The Dove scam

You know the Dove real beauty or whatever campaign they have? I have always thought it was a very low tactic when it come to marketing. And I am glad I am not the only one who thinks so. This article explains it really well. Besides Dove is owned by Unilever, the same company that owns Lynx/Axe, the brand that objectifies women and runs very anti-feminist advertisement campaigns. Make up your mind guys. Well actually they have, they will do whatever it takes to make the money roll in.

I do try and avoid Unilever products, unfortunately they own Ben & Jerry’s and I think they partially own Starbucks too. My love for Ben & Jerry’s has reduced I have to say after I reaslised they were a Unilever brand. It is tough to avoid Unilever brand though when every other thing you reach for is under one of their brands.

It’s not all bad though, the Dove campaign on how women view themselves did bring about parody video with men, which was hilarious. In case you haven’t seen it, video below.