The Amazing Race

I love The Amazing Race. It’s a reality show that I follow on and off. So given my current no life situation, when I was told that a new season is out I got all excited. I watched the first 2 episodes last night, and here’s what I have to say to the producers – what the hell? It’s all couples. As in there are 6 dating couples and 5 that were paired up at the start of the race as blind dates. What happened to the parent/child, friends, colleagues, siblings, etc type pairs? I.e. relationships I can relate too. Why in the world would you try and turn it into The Bachelor?

I have to say though, the blind date couples seem less annoying than the dating couples, and while I am upset that all the pairs are dating/romantic in nature, I will probably end up following the season. It should end just in time for The Block. Now that is a show I can’t wait for. I hope I can watch it fro over here.

Wine equals gym?

Has anyone else seen this article? Drinking red wine could mimic the effects of going to the gym apparently. I am not a big red drinker but I could start :D. How do I donate to this research fund?


Today at work was the day when everything went missing. Missing couriers, missing customers, missing shipments, missing paperwork, missing data and missing bosses. I sat there wishing I could go missing too. I wonder if anyone would miss me if I just took off. Oh well, I am employed I have a income. Just got to keep trudging along.


I agreed to go on this forest/tree adventure thingy this morning. It basically involves obstacles built around 10-20 metres (that’s about 30-65 feet, for anyone not on the metric system) from the ground. I don’t know why I agreed to it. I think it was a combination of peer pressure and temporary insanity. I honestly thought I would be fine, because I am okay with heights. What I did not expect was the upper body strength required to climb on to those things. The really tall rope ladders were not fun. The rope burn was terrible, my hands feel raw now.

Oh and also when your body’s centre of gravity is concentrated at your ass you might want to think twice before doing one of these things. I kept landing after the zip-lines (there were 4) on my ass in the sandpits. I got sand everywhere on me. And trust me when I say everywhere. I also managed to get myself stuck on this obstacle that was like 15m above the ground where you had to get across rope nets to the next tree. To be specific, I basically fell off an was in such an awkward position that my ass was tangled in the ropes. I ended up having to get creative to get out of that predicament. Plus my harness on my left thigh was slipping off which made the part around my waist tighter, so when I fell off, ouch. It was bad.

At least I was in good company though and I can now tell people I did that. The heights was a bit daunting at first but 15 mins in I was too exhausted and in pain to care about the height. Thank god I am not too bad with heights. Don’t think I would have survived if I was. But overall, even my super fit friend said she’s never doing it again.

This is going to remind me to never say yes to participating in anything without thinking it through and to also throw in some upper body exercises at the end of my walks. My arms have recovered from the trembling state they were in earlier but they’re going to hurt tomorrow morning aren’t they? Something to look forward to.

Sisters and wardrobes

Any girl with a sister knows that from time to time things, particularly items of clothing, from your cupboard disappear. Now when you are the fat sister in the pair/group though, you are at a distinct disadvantage. Your sister(s) can fit it your clothes but you can’t theirs. So its pretty much a one way transaction. Now if you think this problem goes away when your sister moves out of the house you’re in, you couldn’t be more wrong. In fact it gets worse. Because when you discover that your stuff is missing, you can’t just march into their room and get it back. I am bringing this up because I needed a tshirt. Just a simple tshirt for my little outing tomorrow. I used to have a ton of those but I couldn’t find any. All the tshirts my sister has “borrowed” has never come back to me. The other day, my mom even said I should go buy more stuff like the shirt my sister was wearing. I looked over and, you guessed it, it was one of my tshirts. One of my favourite tshirts might I add. I am kind of annoyed. A little more than usual probably because I am pms-ing. But tomorrow I am going to have to go out in a really old tshirt because all of my good ones have yet to come back to me. Actually I will probably never see them again. Sighs. #fatpeopleproblems

Love-life update

By the post title you would have figured out that this is going to be a very short post. Chronically single me, has not much of a love life. A hot guy smiled at me today. He could have been smiling someone past me but I am pretty sure it was me. I smiled back. He left. That’s my love story. Exciting isn’t it?

Don’t know why but it reminded me of the day when I was checking out this guy on a train and he caught me doing it. As far of the list of embarrassing things to be caught doing, getting caught while checking someone out is not the worst, but it’s bad. I got off a few stops later, was waiting to cross the road at the traffic light, and guess what, got caught again. This time it was a a policeman. He was in his fitted polo tshirt and shorts. The outfit they wear when they do patrolling on a bicycle. And he was cute. I couldn’t help it. Policeman dude though, had a more friendly expression  despite catching me looking at him. Don’t judge me for checking out random men okay? I have been single for a very long time. I have needs. :D

Millions update

So just incase you were wondering after my last post, I am not a millionaire yet. It’s supposed to be a good year for “Tigers” this Chinese New Year but not that lucky for this tiger I guess. I am still broke. The lottery ticket plan didn’t work out. I was hoping to get some ROI for my 1 dollar spent but nothing. I didn’t even win the smaller prizes. Oh well, money that come fast, goes fast anyway. That’s my motto. Have a good weekend all.

Chinese Horoscopes and Luck

Let’s do that luck part first. I have not the greatest luck in the world, but today I bought my first ever lottery ticket. It for this Chinese New Year related draw called the Hong Bao draw. I am not a lottery/gambling person (poker is fun though) but it’s a 12 million dollar pot and a 1 dollar ticket. What the hell right? Basically what I am saying is, this time next week I will be a millionaire, so be nice to me. :D

I saw this Chinese zodiac related post on Facebook. It was an interesting read. There was this section where they crossed your Chinese horoscope (the animal) with your western sun sign. For most people it was fine, very positive even, but for me this is what it said:


Picky? And neurotic? Me? Okay fine, maybe I am a little neurotic. I am not picky. I mean these are the qualities I am looking for. Does that make me picky? Even astronomical are not in my favour, bloody hell. It’s okay though. Soon I will be too busy with my millions to care. Or I will just buy myself a partner.

And if anyone wants to check out the Chinese zodiac information, please click on the image above, it’s linked.

This little light of mine

I don’t why I have this need to constantly check my phone. Even when the little notification light hasn’t gone off. Who am I expecting to message me besides work? In the mornings, there’s a fellow blogger I exchanges messages with, but based on the timezone night time here is very late night/early morning for her. But I think it’s at night when the loneliness tends to creep in. Doesn’t help when you just bawled your eyes out after watching Up. That and I am a slave to technology. I cannot imagine not having the internet or knowing where my phone is. I shall go try and sleep but I don’t foresee that happening soon.


Oh look I have some sort of anniversary to celebrate. Though 7 years ago I had a different blog. It was when I was in uni. I think I was funnier then. So much yet, so little has changed in 7 years.