I have red hair! Okay fine it’s just highlights but it’s the first time I coloured my hair. I have always wanted to try it but always talked myself out if. Then last weekend was talking to my cousin and googling some highlight styles and I made an appointment.

Now I have red hair. And loving it. I keep checking myself out and that’s not normal.



Flat out

I am losing motivation to blog. Well actually I am losing steam in general. I am so sick of life. It started I think about a month ago. And I haven’t really been get myself out of this downward spiral, but I am trying. I am giving myself points for trying cause no one else really notices enough to give me anyway.

Well on the positive, I my Japan trip is falling into place. Flights booked, and hotel for my first stop booked too. Only thing is that it’s still about 6 months away. I need it to happen now.

I am in a weird zone where I feel alone yet I feel like I don’t get enough alone time. See this is why I need to move countries.

The state of the world is depressing.

The “Do-Not-Disturb”

Came up in conversation, how the headphones are an indication of not wanting to be disturbed. A friend told me about how his female friend uses headphones just so that guys won’t bother her. My brain was like – wow, there are actually women out there that need to come up with tactics to avoid men. And then there’s me. The last random man that came up to me (I had my headphones on by the way) was an old sleazy looking dude that asked me for $2.40 so he can take the bus home. Because I am a sucker, and the dude was really old, I gave him the $2.40. That’s my life and the kind of male attention I get.

Anyway I came across this online article/post. There’s almost nothing there that doesn’t resonate with me. I am glad there is at least 1 person out there that can relate. Always nice to feel a little less alone.

Religious high ground

If you believe that, or your religious leaders teach you that, your religion is superior to the religion of others, you are doing religion wrong. And that’s a fact. Well okay it’s not, it’s an opinion. You are doing human wrong – that is a fact.

Basically if you put, or are taught to put your religion in front of basic humanity, you’re basically an extremist. For everyone that falls into this category, I’ll pray for you all in my own non-religious way.

What have I done?

So my nephew has always had a strange fascination with pedicured and painted toenails for some reason. And while I always stick with my usual pink, nude, maroon, brown shades he’s been asking me to paint them blue. He has for a while now, a year maybe. So today I decided to be adventurous and go for a blue. I picked what looked like a deep, dark blue on the sample. It had a purplish tinge. However after the 2nd coat it’s turned out, in your face bright blue. And now as I look down at my feet all I can think about is 😱 What have I done? I suppose I’ll get used to it. And I can remove the colour in a couple of days. But for now, it’s getting used to a colour outside my comfort zone. Picture below for your reference.



I was shopping on-line when I realised the ugliness of society today. We love to put “labels” on everything. While superficial these groupings likely work their way into our subconscious affecting we think, feel and behave. It’s terrible. Breakfast cereal. The whole cereal section was labelled breakfast cereal. What has the world come to? Why do large corporations dictate when we eat cereal (yes, okay, so I was on-line grocery shopping). I will have cereal for dinner if I want to. And I have in the past. I have had days where I had cereal for all meals in a day. That’s why I used to stock up on 2-3 types of cereal when I was living the uni student life. It’s quick, no cooking, delicious and nutritious. Ain’t no label going to dictate how I live my life.

Brain block

I had so many ideas that I had to get out on a blog post while on the way here but now I can’t think of anything it sucks. Life is going pretty okay. I am getting used to the loneliness. It’s not that bad. Well not that bad as long as I have the internet. Though I think nowadays I will be okay without it too.

I have Googled and researched my Japan trip. I found places to visit that include a Ninja Temple and a Hedgehog Cafe. Flights booked, hotels tentatively reserved, things to do 75-80% planned, money budgeted. All that is left for me is to get travel insurance and actually go. There are more than 6 months to the trip though. Seems like a very long way to go to October. But I can’t wait. Super excited yet part of me is nervous, I will be pretty much travelling alone in a country where I  don’t speak the language. By the way If anyone has any suggestions for things to do in Hokkaido, especially around Sapporo, please do let me know. I have 1 more day there with not much plans. And if anyone will be travelling to Japan in late October and wants to hang out please do let me know too :D.

In other news, life is pretty much the same, except I am a fat cow because I have been having trouble waking up for my morning exercise sessions. I woke up this morning though, hopefully I am sustain this. Maybe I should try the 21 day thingy. You know, do something 21 days straight so it becomes a habit. Hmm, 21 days of exercise first thing in the morning and oats for breakfast. Let’s do this. Only 20 more days to go.

Signs you are becoming an old person

So I haven’t blogged for a while. I might be losing my mo-jo. I read my earlier posts and they were some funny shit. Lately my posts are just depressing. And this one is about how I am becoming an older person. Here goes.

Signs you are a single person no longer in your early 2os:

  • The thought of not being in bed by 11pm at night scares you. When you get a dinner invite you need to do the maths in your head to make sure you are in bed in order to get your 8 hours.
  • Your limit for alcohol is 1 standard drink. Okay 2 max. Don’t even think about the 3rd one.
  • Your idea of sleeping in is sleeping till 8am. After that you can try as much as you want but you’ll likely end up tossing and turning in bed for an hour contemplating life.
  • Catching up with your friends (if you are single), entails listening to tales of marriage, in-laws and babies, even though you have no way to relate to them, so you sit there thinking of all the ways to kill yourself with the fork on the table. Maybe that 3rd drink isn’t such a bad idea.
  • The bulk of your favourite songs were released around 10 or more years ago.
  • You seriously contemplate (or start eating) oats as your breakfast cause they are better for your health. Doesn’t matter that they taste like wet sawdust.

There is a silver lining though, the biggest sign that you are getting older is the best, you stop giving a shit. Seriously, you stop worrying about what other think and start concentrating on you and the people that matter.

Like ripping a plaster off

Plaster, that’s what we call what is normally known as Band-aids. I had a “fuck it” moment yesterday where I was letting all my over thinking get to me. Thinking about life in general and travel plans for the year. I have been in a state of confusion of what I want to do and what I can afford to do and it had been stressing me out. In the end, I figured oh hell, I got to do something, so I booked flights to Japan. Yup, I am going to Japan.

Looking at Facebook & Instagram, I feel like the whole world is in Japan now. Feels a bit cliché going there now but everyone’s experience will be different. Plus will be my first solo or at least semi-solo trip. Does it freak me out having to travel alone in a country where I don’t speak the language? Yes it does. Very much actually. But getting out of your comfort zone, that’s what life is all about right?

I can’t let me crazy doomsday mind stop me from living life and pursuing passions, i.e. travelling. Even if life doesn’t feel all “together”, I shouldn’t stop moving forward. I got to throw myself into things I want to do or explore while having faith that everything will work out. “Enjoy the journey”, instead of stressing over it and focussing on the “destination”. I think I am finally getting the concept of that.

Patience and passions. Having patience while throwing yourself into your passions. That’s a pretty good way to live life. I got to start listening and applying my own mumbo jumbo to my life :D.



I think a lot of people that live in non-cloudy, non-city parts of the world often take the night sky for granted. I thought of that because today I looked up and the night sky was clearer than usual. I can see the twinkling of 5-6 specs in the distance.

Makes me really miss Australia, where I could look up and see the dark skyline filled with shinny stars. I loved looking at that. More than your average person. It was just so beautiful, gave me a sense of awe, peace and perspective at the same time.

I have pretty much resigned to fate that I am stuck here alone in this hot cloudy mess for life. But for all of you out there lucky enough to have clear, crisp night skies, remember to look up tonight. Take a few minutes to admire the beauty of what lies beyond our tiny planet.