Same old, same old

I want to blog, but I have not much to say. Deepavali is coming. I have linked the word to the wiki page in case you don’t know what that is. I have finished my shopping for that. Sister convinced me to get an Anarkali suit (example below). I was never a fan of them. They just looked like full dresses to me. And I don’t get why you would wear pants under that :p. It’s hot. But the one I got is pretty, need to get shoes to match now. Doing shopping when feeling broke. Not fun.

Woe is me

I went to the doctor today thinking I had problem A. Turns out, according to her diagnosis, I have that issue plus the flu. It was news to me, that I was having the flu. I don’t feel flu-ie, and even argued with the doc. She took my temperature, and showed me I was running a fever as proof of my flu.

She told me to stay home from work tomorrow. Like I didn’t ask for a sickie, it was more of an instruction. And here lies my problem. I feel guilty. I feel like if I stay home. The guilt of not being at work will kill me more than the current state of my health. I don’t know what to do. Dilemma, to go to work or not. I shall see how I feel tomorrow. Sighs.


Because I don’t waste enough time on the internet, I created a Pinterest account.

It’s a platform to get lost. Much like tumblr. And I found this motivating saying on it.

Anyone else on Pinterest? Would love to follow you.

Men vs Women

I read a quote recently. It said “women aren’t complicated, men are just stupid”. Fair comment I think, though there will be much disagreement.

I wonder why we are wired the way we are sometimes. I hate generalising but I would say a woman that has been chronically single/unlucky in love I think would go introspective and wonder what is wrong with her. Very internal locus of control, in terms of her love life. They would blame themselves. Men though, would say there’s something wrong with the world/women for rejecting them. As if  they are perfect, blaming the world. Like this guy.

Basically my thoughts lately and some news I heard earlier tonight has led me to conclude men are mostly selfish dickheads.



Kiss Me on My Tulips

No I am not writing a post on romance or smooching flowers. Nor am I suggesting anything. That’s a nail polish shade. Wonder if only I see innuendo in that and if it was intentional on OPI’s part.

My go to shade for many year has been OPI’s Barefoot in Barcelona. It’s a very pretty nude shade that I think would be pretty on anyone. Today I got a little adventurous and decided to go hot pink. I loved the result, bright and pretty.

My sister thought said it looks crap. She hated it, which I have to say made me like it even more. Yes I know that’s very mature of me :D.

Her son though, my 2 year old nephew seemed to love my pink toes. But wasn’t totally satisfied, he told me, very seriously, “Sinnama, next time I go shop, I buy for you blue toes”.

Nice or not, you be the judge. And yes I know I can’t become a foot model with my alien feet. The shade is a little more whitish than it actually is.


Thought Flood – 2nd October

Looks: You know how there are some really good looking people that don’t consider themselves attractive. I mean the genuine ones, not the skinny bitches that go around saying, I’m so fat. I wonder if they don’t see themselves as good looking because knowledge of that would be too much power for 1 person. And they may use it for evil.

Patented characters: My previous post mentions Sam the seal and Penny the penguin. If I see those characters anyway in the future I will find you and sue your. They are copyright of me as of 2015.

Mom: My mother gashed her toe open while going to bathe the nephew. She wanted to walk it off, said it didn’t hurt. This was at the time her whole toe was soaked in blood. Ended up needing 2 stitches in the end.

Weekend plans: Mine kind of fell through. Hopefully I will find other things

Toddler Troubles

I was tasked with putting my 2 year old nephew to sleep tonight. And I did it. I have put him to sleep a million times when he was an infant (0-10 months old), but those times were different. At that time he couldn’t walk/talk/protest. Tonight I was handed a kicking and screaming little person that clearly didn’t want me to putting him to sleep, and I managed to calm him down in like 30 secs. I felt like it was an achievement. Though it took what felt like 14 hours of story telling to finally get him to sleep (it was about half hour). Sam the seal and Penny the penguin were created (they’re mates from the same hood), and I had to tell that really boring (yes I created it and I was bored) story 3 times. And the cheeky bugger who loves to mess with me, kept acting like he was asleep to see what I would do. To the point when he actually fell asleep I wasn’t sure if he was just playing.

I did it. I know you parents out there are rolling your eyes thinking, I do it every night. Well it’s different when it’s not your kid. I am taking this as a win for the week. I do think my sinnama (that’s what he’s supposed to call me, sounds like cinnamon with the n at the end) duties are over for a while though.

The Working World

What it feels like to be part of the workforce sometime:


Also do note my tolerance to stupid is proportional to the amount of caffeine in my body. Need to make that sign and put it up at my desk at work.

Joke in the Box

A friend and I were discussing attraction, as in finding someone attractive and stuff. And to convey his point, because I work in logistics, he used the example of a box/packaging. He likened some that is great looking but has no substance in terms of character and/or intellect as a very nice packaging, with nothing of value inside. You get the picture right? While having this conversation, it was ascertained that in the dating world, I am a box that is hidden and on an unreachable shelf gathering dust. I was messing around but it does feel that way sometimes.

So anyway towards the end of the work day, I thought of this conversation and was thinking about what kind of “packaging” best represents me. You know how I have mentioned previously that I feel that God & the universe like to play jokes on me? Right as I was thinking about that, I glanced slightly to the right (away from my screens for a breather, and yes screens, I work on dual screens), I saw a box there as if it was the answer. A Jumbo. The larger Jumbo at that. That box had no reason to be there other than to mock me. Even the universe makes fat jokes. Who knew. :D

The Plan

I like plans. If you know me you know that I am the person with who has a plan B for my back up plan’s contingency. Not saying I can’t do spontaneous, I do go nuts sometimes but mostly even my time & place to be spontaneous is planned. :D You get the point I am guessing.

Anyway my life has been mostly plans based on goals, so far. However right now there is no plan. Work, isn’t going how I thought it would, and well I have gotten myself into quite a bit of a state because my life revolves largely around work. There’s honestly nothing else going to focus my attention on. Previously at least, I could tell myself I am working towards a Master’s, now that’s done. Need to start researching a PhD.

I also was dead set and researching all avenues of working overseas. But sometime early this year I gave up on that, after realising how no country wants immigrants and how costly it would be to get a professional migration specialist’s help.

Love life, yeah, just not happening is it? Sometimes I am like I should just shut up and tell my parents to set me up. Honestly if I do agree to an arranged marriage, A. no guarantee that mom will find someone that wants to marry me, B. he might turn out to be pretty decent, C. if he turns out to be an asshole as most men do, I can use that to tell my parents to never bring up the topic of marriage again. Maybe if they choose the guy, they will let me have my dream wedding. Which is basically in my case, is no wedding at all. Haha, right. Like that will happen in an Indian household. I still want to meet someone on my own terms though. I am prepared to wait, I’ll take my chances. But getting tired of the parents telling me that I am missing out on life. Argh.

Anyway I have told myself that to get out of the current “funk” I am in, I am going to throw myself into Eurotrip mode till December. I might annoy the cousin with this cause she’s busy but too bad. If you read this and groan cuz, too bad, you’ll miss my annoyances once you move next year anyway :p. After that I will just focus on work and keep a look out for other opportunities. I want to stay in the company until the 18 month mark though to see if I can possibly move to another entity (i.e. another country) within the brand. I have heard it’s tough but might as well give it a shot, right?

I am also going to get my driving license. A little broke at the moment for that, but I am going to sign up for the theory test this weekend and hopefully I will get a test date right after my trip.

I will probably lose focus of this in a while when I am in an even lower mood so thought I should put it down somewhere as a frame of reference.