Don’t you hate it what that happens?

Men vs Women

If you haven’t seen the videos below, do have a look. The concept is not new, men are superficial assholes and women are nice. Now, there’s proof.

I mean, I understand you feel a bit cheated, but you can still be nice. Idiots.

Love, just another social construct?

I don’t mean like the emotions/feelings of affection or concern for your parents, friends and stuff. I mean in the romantic relationship sense. I guess the question should be in finding/seeking/searching for love just a social construct. I mean its the old nature versus nurture debate I guess. Think about it, what if we lived in a world where movies, tv, books, songs  and other media don’t over-emphasize dating/romance? You may argue that as human we are “social creatures”. But honestly can’t we meet our social needs with just friends and family? Is finding “the one” or dating or even getting married supposed to be as big a part of life as today’s culture makes it seem? Is it human nature or is it what we have been led to believe as nature after generations of conditioning? So basically what I am asking is, can I blame the rest of the world/society for making me feel like I am missing out, for not being in a long term relationship or happily married as someone in my late twenties? I have currently decided that my future is headed in the direction of me, in a little apartment, with 2 dogs (at least one of which will be a doberman). I do get occasionally reminded (mostly by the people around me) that I need to find someone to “settle down” with. Why? Why the obsession with me meeting someone? Can’t I just live life the way it is now by myself? Sure it gets very lonely sometimes but it’s nothing new, I am used to it.  If I meet someone then great, if not, just don’t make me feel like a loser.

Oh and for the record, I don’t believe in “the one”. I think people just make a conscious choice whether to make things work or not. All this falling in love instantly and all is bullshit. Might be a little cynical but hey no surprises there right?


For someone so involved in social services and humanitarian causes, my boss is not very nice. Hmm…

Job offers

Why does this happen? I have said ok to this new company and will be going to sign the employment contract on Friday. But this morning I got a few texts from friends telling me they about job opportunities they know off. All marketing, events or tourism related. And one of these jobs is based in Dubai. Dubai, as in overseas. As in, I get to get out of this place. Why couldn’t she have told me about it sooner?

It’s not like I have gotten the job but now that I have signed with the logistics firm, do I even pursue these new opportunities that have come my way? Thoughts/opinions anyone? Am I a terrible person if I pursue another opportunity when I just agreed to another job? I shall ponder over that for now, sitting in Starbucks as I wait for my volunteer to show up.


I am not sure how many people actually follow this blog and kind of know what’s going on in my life but just wanted to update everyone that I resigned today. Further to this post, I actually got the job and well I took it. It pays much better and the company is a huge MNC where maybe I will have a decent career progression. Worst case scenario, I hate the role which involves sucking up to people but at least I will be paid a lot better.  It’s not like I am enjoying the current job. I did think the current role is a bit boring, so now, since I have tempted fate, I have it coming, a nice high pressure job. Oh well no point stressing, just have to go for it.

And just to end on a happy note, here’s some Ellen for you. Best dancing ever, Jesse Tyler Ferguson is awesome.


One of the figurative headaches I have had over the last week, with latest developments is giving me a literal headache. It’s at my left temple and it won’t go away. I am not normally a headache-y person. I think I am stressed and I am feeling really alone. I don’t know what to do or who to turn to for help. I just feel like crying.

Bad feeling

I am still working on the whole being positive thingy but my mind is really running crazy this weekend. I feel like crap. And strangely I can’t really put my finger on 1 particular thing that’s making me feel this way. It’s a blend of a few things I think. I tried doing some yoga meditation techniques to calm down but it was no use. I find it really hard to focus and not think about other things. This is why I think I need to go learn proper meditation. Yet another thing I haven’t done in my ever growing to-do list.


My blog stats are not the most exciting in the world. I don’t get a lot of views, a decent amount which I mostly attribute to the same few people who visit my blog every once in a while. I also get some views from interesting countries that I have never heard of (like Reunion).

The one thing I noticed for while though is that I have views from the Czech Republic. It normally comes in through the same source/referrer so I am assuming it’s the same person who visits my blog periodically. Yes I have sort of reverse-stalked this person. This post is basically a shout out to that person. Why you may ask. Well I have, in my life, I been lucky enough to meet people from various corners of the world. However I have not met (well I have met but not really made friends with) anyone from the continent that I am most fascinated with, Europe. Not sure how or why the cards have been dealt that way for me  but I suppose it fits with the way my life has played out so far. All other continents (besides Antarctica and the Arctic), I have people who I can visit or will at least be able to give me travel tips. Yes most of these people are concentrated on Asia but I have friends (at least on a Facebook level) in North and South America and Africa too. But not Europe. So yes that is why I am mentioning this reader from the Czech Republic. I am hoping that if I ever manage to get myself to Europe I will be able to get travel tips/advice from them, especially if I stopover in Prague. That is all. Hopefully this post doesn’t scare off that person :p.

Muddled madness

I am going for a job interview on Tuesday. It’s the second round for a job role at a major company. It’s a great company and fairly good role if you are into the industry, logistics. Now if the job function was marketing or even administration I wouldn’t be ask confused as I am now. But the job role is more of a mix of account servicing (client relationship management) with logistics operations. I applied thinking it was an admin/analyst role after reading the job description. I also kind of know the manager I will be working under. She was an old uni course-mate. She’s not very easy to work with. The job will require me to be on stand by 24/7 and require me to use my schmoozing/sucking up-salesy skills. Stuff that I am not great at and hate doing. I feel that my judgment is currently highly clouded by my need to get out of my current crappy job. I feel I should take up this new position as it’s a great opportunity but me taking up this new position would be just to escape my present situation. I don’t think I will be as happy even if I take up the new role. That being said, I don’t want to jump the gun, it’s not like I got the job, I still have another round of interview to get through. My dad and people around me though seem to say going for the new job is the way to go if I get through. I am not so sure. I need some time to clear my head, but I haven’t gotten the chance to this weekend with work. I wish I had things figured out. Why do I always feel like I am in a mess? It’s times like these I wish I could just pick up the phone and arrange to meet someone, even though it’s the middle of the night. Got to face reality, it’s just another night staring at my room ceiling, waiting for my mind to calm down so that I can get some sleep.